Cancer Healing Stories

Veena Sharma (NHL): “Our optimism only helped my son to survive.”

Though it is challenging to be positive and emotionally strong in this situation, that is the only thing that can help you…

Nasreen Hashmi (Oral Cancer): “Today, I can eat anything”

Before I discuss my journey after diagnosis, I would like to share how it all started, and how one thing can lead to the other…

Pawan (pancreatic cancer caregiver): “Dad’s motivation”

I am a dietician and know a few people who have endured disease and are doing great in their lives now. Alongside treatment…

Shailan Robinson (Blood cancer – ALL): I heard God, and he is beautiful

I heard a voice, “Do not look at the reports. Your reports will not determine your fate. Your faith will determine your reports”…

Bhavya Patel (Liver Cancer): We have to create a mirage

My father knew that he had 6 months to a year to live. In spite of knowing this, he was worried about my mother and family…

Abhishek Tripathi (Blood Cancer): The second shot at life.

But as they say, life has its twists and turns. In my case, the twists and turns happened too fast and too sharp. After nearly…

Robin (Germ cell tumor): Companion in life and beyond.

About 2 months before our scheduled marriage date, Robin was diagnosed with germ cell tumor. We were taken…

Rana Sarika (Carcinoma): “You need to trust in something”

Gradually, my treatment unfolded upon me that life is something beyond grieving on lost, unfulfilled dreams and…

Jay Gosar (Cancer caregiver): “The experience was life-changing”

My grandfather was 76 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. The first signs were his reduced weight…

Dashrat Singh (Oral cancer): “My father will always be my hero!”

The hospital recommended that we complete 30 radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions, but my father was only able to…

S K Rout (Caregiver): “Juggling love, care, and time.”

None of us had expected this relapse, and we were taken aback by the sudden development. My wife’s immunity had…

Jayant Dedhia (Caregiver): “A healthy diet saved my family.”

My brother and father have already been cancer fighters. So, my wife was well aware of a cancer pain

Priya Dave (Caregiver): “We still believe in magic.”

It all started when she felt she had a bloated stomach and felt extremely uncomfortable. Initially, we dismissed it

Shyamala Datar (Caregiver): “Your perspective is everything”

Several people have asked us if she opted for an alternative treatment method. So to begin with, she entirely relied on me…

Shweta (Blood cancer): “Shores of healing in our ship of hope.”

The thing with blood cancer is that it does not have stages like the other cancer types because no particular…

Yashwant Keni (Breast Cancer Survivor): “Cancer treatment is indeed possible”

We did not opt for an alternative treatment because we trusted the doctors thoroughly. Since it was the early stage, the ball was

Tangvi (Breast cancer): “Help comes in unexpected ways.”

She is a strong lady who fought bravely and showed us that anything is possible with courage. It was a tough time when she

Manisha Yadav (Breast Cancer): “Be your own support!”

Supportive work colleagues and associates who encouraged me to take a six month’s break from work and return with renewed

Jinal Shah (Bladder cancer): “Papa will always be our superman!”

He experienced unbearable pain after a month and collapsed when the ambulance came home to take him…

Srimukhi Iyer (Ovarian Cancer): “All I need is mother & belief.”

In both my mother and my cases, chemotherapy was more of a preventive measure than a cure for us….

Vikas (Brain Cancer): “How I became the village hero!”

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was engaged to my lady love. But the lack of awareness…

Dr Gauri Bhatnagar (Breast Cancer): “Remember me as a striver.”

My surgery took place on 1st January 2015, and I underwent 28 cycles of radiotherapy and 8 sessions of chemotherapy…

Kunal Sankhlecha (Breast cancer): “It was a rollercoaster ride.”

It was after that, when she went for chemotherapy but didn’t feel any improvement. On the contrary, she was feeling…

Steffi Mac (acute lymphoblastic leukemia): “My battle to glory”.

Along with my bone marrow surgery, my cancer treatment demanded chemotherapy and radiation. The side effects were…

Prateek (Hodgkin Lymphoma): “The battle is very personal”

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. According to textbook definitions, stage 4 cancer refers to…

Bhupendra Tripathi (Non-hodgkin lymphoma): “Full-time fighter.”

Tests revealed that I had multiple tumors in my spine and a set of two damaged vertebrae. That had caused severe paralysis..

Praveen & Vrinda (Leukemia): “Fighting destiny with hope.”

My husband was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September 2011. He initially experienced sudden…

Venkat (Skin cancer): Brighter tomorrow for a healthy life

Hello All, I am Venkat (Age 34) from India working as a Software Engineer with the big Blue. 8 month ago, started seeing…

Neha Goswami (Brain cancer): “My mother is a fighter”

Create beautiful memories they will act as an anchor to keep you from being swept away, when hit by the storms of life…

Vishal Joshi (Colorectal cancer): “Stay strong it’s a long way to go”

My father had been prescribed an ultrasound when his body had first shown symptoms of the ailment, it had been diagnosed

Abhishek & Pooja (Breast cancer): “Incredibly resilient and a fighter”

Seven years back, I lost my best friend Akanksha to acute-leukemia. It was heart-wrenching, but she went down fighting

Shruti (Lung cancer): “Everything depends upon your will power”

When he underwent a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan, it was found that he had been affected by cancer.

Madhu Khanna (Breast cancer): “The power of will.”

Her demise also taught me to the value of a life, my experiences with her during made me see Cancer from…

Niati (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): “Concentrate on your recovery.”

A major problem which I noticed about our system of treatment was that there is no amalgamation of different

Pramod Sharma (Blood cancer): “Her jolly spirit kept her alive”

Be kind and compassionate towards others tell everyone to believe in the power of not giving up and always face life…

Nikita Khanna (Mouth cancer): “Music is the language of spirit”

There were quite a few things that were therapeutic for her during the treatment. My mother used to do Yoga and she wanted

Kokila (Breast cancer): “Hang in there, this too shall pass”

But the operation obviously was not the end of the road for me, I had to undergo about 25 cycles of radiation. Radiation is…

Pratima Shah (Breast cancer): “I decided to toughen up.”

My approach to chemo has surprised many people, as I treat it like injections for a common flu…

Pratyusha (Prostate cancer): “Give as much love as we can.”

His chemotherapy days were not smooth, but he’d still put up a brave front. He even went to gathering of cancer patients…

Neeti Walavalkar (Breast cancer): “Communication is everything.”

My sisters and I were devastated; we knew that if we told Mumma about cancer relapse, she would be broken. So we didn’t tell her…

Nisha (Breast cancer): “Cancer changed my life for the better”

After a bunch of tests, doctors told that I have cancer and have to go through chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Mehul Doshi: “We serve God by serving others”

This story is of Mehul Doshi. An Angel in human form, Mehul is a resident of Mumbai and he has been going to Tata Medical…

Suvendu Das (Colon cancer): “Fourth Stage of Inspiration”

When Subhendu saw Dimple not only motivating but also performing healing practices like meditation, exercising, walking..

Suman (Blood cancer): “My second innings is beautiful”

Suman says that his fight is something worth sharing. He says that it is all about the second chance.

Devansh (Blood cancer): “Defeating Cancer with Love”

Story of Devansh, a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with blood cancer. Fortunately, it was detected at an early stage, but..

Deepa (Breast cancer): “Cancer has forced me to focus on self-care.”

Unfortunately, Cancer knocked on her door once again. However this time she was ready and pumped with motivation. Looking at..

Srishti (Ewing’s sarcoma): “The only option is not to give up”

She gave strength to me, our family with a reassuring smile on her face through all the pain which she rarely chose to share…

Dimple & Nitesh (Colorectal cancer): “Healing is different from curing.”

Dimple Parmar & Nitesh Prajapat were two people in love, Nitesh was battling through the last stage of colorectal cancer.

Sharmila Date (Cervical cancer): “Don’t slip into self-pity mode.”

Early last year when I had this throbbing pain in my lower abdomen, I thought it would go away with some pain killers…

Manmohan Taneja (Head & neck cancer): “Live life everyday.”

I recently heard of a very millennial term called YOLO, someone told me it means you only live once. I tweaked this to

Pankaj Mathur (Sarcoma): “Saw hope in family’s eyes”

The doctors told me that I most likely had soft tissue sarcoma and that the swelling on my calf was a major symptom of that.

Rahul & Monika (Lung cancer): “Cancer chose the wrong person”

In 2016, my wife and I had completed almost 4 years of our marriage and we had a two and half year old daughter. We both…

Ripunanda (Breast cancer): “Making our health a priority.”

It was November 2016, my father-in-law had suffered a stroke and everyone in the family was worried about him. Around …

Monica Goel (Colon cancer): “Colonoscopy saved my life”

Devastated, my husband and I traveled back home, but I was determined to get help and that’s when we found Dr. Piyush Gupta

Monica Gulati (Bladder cancer): “How cancer taught me to live”

I had finished a Ph.D. in NeuroImmunology from the University of Zurich in 2009. For some reason, I decided to…

Pooja Smita (Adenocarcinoma cancer): “Be like a river”

I was diagnosed with Inoperable Aggressive Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma, stage 3 on Oct 26, 2018. With 4 more …

Rohini Patil (Breast cancer): “I had someone special to live for”

I started working with all sections of society through awareness presentations and free mammography and Pap smears.

Jimit Gandhi (Blood cancer): “It’s all for a while. You’re a strong boy.”

Everything was going fine, my body was responding to the medications and everything was seeming to get back to normalcy.