Cancer Healing Stories

Saptaparni (Lymphoma Cancer): “Keep Your Spirits High!”

Read how Saptaparni and her family held on to high spirits during her father’s battle with lymphoma cancer.

Ruchi Gokhale (Lymphoma): Nothing is Impossible

Ruchi sheds light on fighting both Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and how her family and friends supported her.

Binita Patel (Caregiver for Pushpaben): “A Story Of Courage”

Binita Patel shares her experience as a caregiver of her mother, who had colon cancer, and the pivotal role of…

Sufiyan Choudhary (Burkitt’s Lymphoma): “Believe In Yourself”

Sufiyan Choudhary talks about his painful fight with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and how he became a cancer warrior…

Bhumika (Ewing’s Sarcoma Cancer): “Will Power Defeats Cancer”

Bhumika shares her story of will power and determination after the early onset of Ewing’s sarcoma cancer in her life.

Pragati Ojha (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma): “Stay Happy!”

Pragati Ojha shares her brave battle against Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and how she overcame the overwhelming journey…

Scott Wilson (Colorectal Cancer): “My Story of Perseverance”

Scott Wilson, describes how hope, resilience, and perseverance helped him overcome colorectal cancer.

Anand Arnold (Spinal Cancer): “Believe to achieve.”

Anand Arnold shares his inspiring story of defeating spinal cancer to become India’s first wheelchair bodybuilder.

Prateek (Glioblastoma): “Are Patients Victims or Fighters?”

This is the story of Prateek’s father, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, and the struggles they faced in their journey.

Anafe Gutierrez (Breast Cancer): The Beginning Of A New Life

This is the story of a fearless woman who stepped into a new journey after her breast cancer diagnosis.

Aman (Gallbladder Cancer): “Choose Hope Every Time”

Aman, a young girl shares her experience as a caregiver for her mother who suffered from gallbladder cancer.

Pratibha Jain (Osteosarcoma): “Enjoy the present.”

Pratibha Jain shares her story of successfully defeating Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

Aashim Joy (Leukemia): “You Are A Warrior, Not A Survivor”

Aashim Joy shares his journey of fighting leukemia. He talks about the power of minds in overcoming tough battles.

Kamesh (Leiomyosarcoma): “A Tale Of Courage”

Kamesh Vadlamani has been a caregiver for her aunt who was detected with a rare uterine cancer called leiomyosarcoma.

Hunny Kapoor (Synovial sarcoma): “A Moment Of Fear”

Synovial sarcoma had changed Hunny Kapoor’s life, but it didn’t stop him from moving forward courageously.

Meeta Khalsa: Caregiver Of Cervical Cancer Patient

I am Meeta Khalsa and this is my mother’s story on how she tried her best to fight stage 3 cervical cancer; two times, with a smile.

Aditya Kumar Singh (Uterine Cancer): “Be A Warrior”

Read ahead to know the story of a brave warrior’s battle against Uterine Cancer, as described by her son, Aditya.

Rajendra Shah (Rectum Cancer): “Life is beautiful; keep enjoying.”

Rajendra Shah shares his story of successfully defeating rectum cancer and using music as a sword against his problems.

Pranab Basu – Colon Cancer Caregiver: “Just Love.”

Pranab Basu shares the story of his wife’s battle against colon cancer and explains about the immense power of love.

Swati Suramya (Breast Cancer): “Be positive and motivated.”

Swati Suramya shares her story of successfully defeating IDC grade 3, an aggressive type of breast cancer.

Usha Jain (Breast Cancer): “Be mindful of what you do.”

Usha Jain unfolds her journey of dealing with breast cancer successfully and using the time to assess her life for the better.

Sharmila Date (Cervical Cancer): “Believe in oneself.”

Sharmila Date shares the story of her successful battle against cervical cancer by being positive and believing in herself.

Abhylaasha Nair (Breast Cancer): “Believe in yourself.”

Abhylaasha Nair shares her story of successfully defeating breast cancer at the young age of twenty-six.

Cath Sherdian (Breast cancer survivor): Never lose hope

Story of Cath Sheridan, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age, but fought against it bravely.

Chandan Kumar (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia): “Stay Positive.”

Chandan Kumar shares his story of fighting Chronic Myeloid Leukemia with positivity and belief in God.

Sumit (Caregiver): “If your body can create cancer, it can heal it too.”

Story of Sumit Rane who supported his mother throughout her successful battle against breast cancer.

Neha Airen (Breast Cancer): “In the end, life wins.”

Neha Airen shares her story of successfully defeating breast cancer while she was pregnant with her second child..

Krishna Mistry (Ewing Sarcoma): “The Miracle Baby”.

Krishna Mistry shares her story of defeating Ewing Sarcoma as a child and why she was called “the miracle baby”.

Nishtha Gupta (Ovarian Cancer): “Cancer couldn’t stop me.”

Nishtha Gupta shares her story of defeating ovarian cancer, after being diagnosed with it at the young age of 23.

Sonal & Biren (Breast Cancer): “Our mother was a fighter.”

Sonal Shah & Biren Vora share their story of having lost their mother in childhood due to breast cancer…

Anuradha Saxena (Breast Cancer) : Warrior and Counselor

Anuradha Saxena tells the story of how she beat the disease and how she was inspired to give back to society by helping other..

Gaurav Jain(T Cell Lymphoma) “Don’t give up, just fight.”

Gaurav Jain shares his story of defeating T cell lymphoma and coming back to normal life from the verge of death…

Umesh Patel (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): “Treat Cancer as a normal disease.”

Story of a man who defeated Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and decided to help fellow cancer warriors on their journey, through counselling.

Twissha Roy (Cholangiocarcinoma) – “Life is a Roller Coaster Ride”

Twissha Roy talks about her successful battle against Cholangiocarcinoma and how meditation helped her…

Sidharth Ghosh (Kidney Cancer Survivor): “The Flying Sidharth!”

Sidharth’s cancer evolved him from an athlete and sportsperson, to a writer. He was named ‘Flying Sid’, like Milkha Singh.

Arick Khara (Breast Cancer) : “Always be with them.”

Arick, loving husband and caregiver of breast cancer patient, shares his story with us. He tells how important it is to..

Ruchi Dilbagi (Breast Cancer): “Be empathetic, not sympathetic.”

My strongest foundation to become a breast cancer survivor, was my work. My work lifted my spirit constantly…

Charmi (Lymphoma): “Live life like there is no tomorrow.”

During my treatment, I met many people who inspired me and helped me win this battle, it’s been a life-changing journey…

Bhagirathi (Caregiver of Intestine Cancer): “Care for your body”

Bhagirathi Mohapatra, caregiver of intestine cancer, narrates the story of intestine cancer patient – his father from Bhubhaneswar…

Shivi (Oral Cancer): “Everyone takes their own time to heal.”

Story of a daughter and oral cancer caregiver, who left no stone unturned to save her father’s life…

Soumen (Glioblastoma Cancer): “Believe in yourself and be strong.”

My father always inspired me to help others, I started helping cancer patients and I am also thinking of establishing…

Nithin (Breast Cancer Stage 3) – Be the emotional anchor

A breast cancer stage 3 survivor’s story told by a son. He was there for her as an emotional anchor during the dark phase of her life….

Bhavin (Acute Myeloid Leukemia): Believe, and you Will.

Bhavin Mehta tells his inspirational story of blood cancer and firms your belief that you can win over cancer…

Ram Kumar (Colon Cancer): “Don’t just hear positive, be positive.”

Tumor operated in Feb-18; therapies continued till Sep-18. Next year cancer returned; now in lymph nodes. Still, here I am!

Nandini Sen (Lymphoma Patient Caregiver): “Health check!”

My father was a doctor. After winning over his lymphoma, he became a medical practitioner again. Life was going on fine…

Neha Rai (Colon Cancer Caregiver) – Peace & Kindness can beat Cancer

Being a colon cancer caregiver, do ensure to motivate the cancer patient at all times. Chemotherapy is not easy…

Neelmani Bhatia (Breast Cancer): “Frail I might be but weak I am not”

We should take cancer as an invasion and the enemy within has to be fought with courage and fortitude. A battle to be won….

Asha Kadam (Breast Cancer): “I am not afraid of death.”

My family is very supportive, my children are settled now, everything is going well, and I am satisfied and happy with my life…

Mahendrabhai (Pancreatic Cancer): “Begin valuing things you have”

We were carrying on with an ordinary life, and the things that unfurled created an emptiness that can never be filled.

Smita Chaudhry (Kidney Cancer): “Prioritize your health”

If the cancer is advanced, don’t experiment with conventional treatment, especially for aged people, because their body is…

Dhruv (Lung Cancer): “Be there physically and emotionally”

Life just falls apart because of this disease. Apart from the physical and financial stress, people suffer more from…

Vandana Mahajan (Thyroid Cancer): “Make the most of your life”

I have to undergo blood tests every 2-3 months, so there are so many pricks that are happening that I have forgotten the count…

SJ (Ewing’s Sarcoma): “From a Patient to a Warrior”

I was 15 years old at the time of my treatment. So basically, I’m a childhood cancer warrior. Being a warrior has been…

Navitha (Breast Cancer): “Faith in my own inner self helped me heal”

I went through alternate treatment because I truly believe that it is up to a patient which form of treatment to undergo…

Payel Bhattacharya (VHL Warrior): “I am a warrior princess.”

I have a form of multiple brain tumours which is very very rare and only 132 cases have been reported between 1902-2013…

SB (Pheocromacytoma PCC): “It has been a remarkable journey.”

It’s crucial to consciously take small mindful steps towards coping with your situation and finding success…

Vibhu (Breast Cancer): “Family members need to be strong.”

We went to an oncologist, he broke the news about cancer and that was in the third stage. We were told that the patient…

Nitika Mehra(Breast cancer): “Do regular check-ups to be safe.”

My colon cancer survivor father helped me to be positive at that time, he told me to think of cancer as a simple disease…

Mandar (SRCC): “Always consult multiple doctors”

Don’t neglect the symptoms until you are very sure. It has changed my life a lot. I started to read about cancers…

Aswathi Nair(Prostate Cancer): “Try to take things positively”

Cancer entered in my dad’s life. It transformed himself in a manner he had never envisioned of and it created a ton of issues…

Dhananjay karkhur (Breast Cancer): “My mother was a fighter”

My mother struggled for almost 15 years. Not even for a moment did she let us feel that she was in pain. She was such a strong…

Savitri (Colon Cancer): “Don’t sit back, move forward with life.”

We strongly believe that my husband is always there for us whenever we need him, and he always shadows us so much….

Rohit (Osteosarcoma Survivor): “Have strong willpower.”

One fine afternoon, I tripped down while playing at home. When I didn’t get up for a few seconds, my father sensed something…

Savita (Breast Cancer): “Treat Cancer Patients as normal humans.”

Questioning and curiosity helped me in many senses, not only in my diagnosis but also in my treatment too…

Pranay(Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): “Take care of your health”

The magnitude of the headaches and the weight-loss began to increase, so my parents insisted that I should get myself…

Suman (Breast Cancer):”Hope is a great thing to hold on.”

Suman Varma’s mother was diagnosed with the first stage of asymptomatic breast cancer twenty years ago. She shares…

Anirudh (Periampullary Cancer): “Be strong and spread love”

I believe cancer is nothing but negative energy in the body. It happens when the cells which should have been destroyed…

Akash (Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans) : A rare type of cancer

My oncologist suggested it is not a good idea because, given my young age, radiotherapy will put me at a high risk of second…

Shraddha Pandey (Ovarian Cancer)- Believe in yourself.

If you are not bettering yourself daily that means you are not exploring this world. You can be a part of the crowd or you…

Shrenik Shah (Larynx Cancer): “From disabled to enabled.”

I am leading a fully active life as a counselor and a motivational speaker. I am on a mission to motivate cancer patients…

Sandeep Singh’s experience with Cancer.

After seeing his condition getting worse, his family stopped giving antibiotics and took him home. He started feeling better…

Sujal (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma): Motivate yourself and keep going

I was utterly shocked because I was just settling in life and it’s only been two years I started my job and this…

Shefali (Oral Cancer): “Caregivers should not be neglected”

Going back home with this fear of losing him, I didn’t know whom to consult, whom to talk. I just didn’t know anything…

Rajaani (Caregiver)- Love is the remedy for aging cancer patients.

I took her to our dentist, when she saw my mom’s mouth, there were white patches all over the upper palate…

Mehul Vyas(Stage 4 Throat Cancer Winner) – The Miracle Man

How much I wished that if life could have the reverse gear, I would go back in time and correct my mistakes. Why should…

Divya Sharma (ALL): “I had Cancer, but Cancer didn’t had me.”

As a survivor, I want to say to everyone that never lose your hope. Prepare yourself emotionally…

Shri. Rajen Nair – A Lensman who cannot see a child in Pain

Every child suffering from cancer misses big time on education. Photography gives them that fair chance at a life where they can…

Vandana Desai (Stomach Cancer): “I was well-prepared to fight it.”

My husband stood as a rock besides me. Our relationship strengthened after I got cancer. Even my children did not…

Mahesh Kamdar(NHL): “What matters is the quality of life.”

I wasn’t scared of death or destiny. Though the doctor said that my cancer was curable. I had seventeen sleepless nights…

Anamika (NHL): “Treat your body as a temple.”

Make friends with your doctor and the chemo nurse. You should be able to call them and talk to them when you are at a…

Atanu Pramanik (Liver Cancer): “Give it your best fight!.”

Life is minimal. Give it your best fight no matter which stage you are in. Life is something that never ends…

Dilshad (Breast Cancer): “She was always smiling.”

We knew it would be the last family get-together. My son was barely a few months old. We did it so that she could spend time…

Dilip Kumar(Myeloma): “If I can do it, so can you!”

I love inspiring people and helping them fight cancer. My dream is to build a charitable cancer hospital. I engage myself…

Anirudh Jamadagni (ALL): “Against All Odds”

Bone Marrow was really tough and painful for Anirudh. Some injections put through the veins literally burnt his nervous…

Aditya Putatunda(Sarcoma): “I keep him alive in me”

Dad would always say that in life there are two kinds of problems; one which you could brainstorm about, find a solution…

Alka (Breast Cancer): “Reason for my success is optimism”

I am trying new things and feel great about it. My husband ensures I don’t sit alone and takes me to family support…

Akash Srivastava – A Caregiver beyond words

Akash spends around 40% of his salary for cancer patients who cannot afford to purchase medicines, groceries and…

Uttam Banerjee (Carcinoma): I have always pushed myself to do more

If you have the right mindset there is certainly a good life after cancer only if you want to LIVE it with your terms…

Kartikeya (Blood Cancer): He has been his own biggest advocate.

Initially misdiagnosed as tuberculosis, he began the treatment in Bengaluru. However, his pulmonologist…

Veena Sharma (NHL): “Our optimism only helped my son to survive.”

Though it is challenging to be positive and emotionally strong in this situation, that is the only thing that can help you…

Nasreen Hashmi (Oral Cancer): “Today, I can eat anything”

Before I discuss my journey after diagnosis, I would like to share how it all started, and how one thing can lead to the other…

Pawan (pancreatic cancer caregiver): “Dad’s motivation”

I am a dietician and know a few people who have endured disease and are doing great in their lives now. Alongside treatment…

Shailan Robinson (Blood cancer – ALL): I heard God, and he is beautiful

I heard a voice, “Do not look at the reports. Your reports will not determine your fate. Your faith will determine your reports”…

Bhavya Patel (Liver Cancer): We have to create a mirage

My father knew that he had 6 months to a year to live. In spite of knowing this, he was worried about my mother and family…

Abhishek Tripathi (Blood Cancer): The second shot at life.

But as they say, life has its twists and turns. In my case, the twists and turns happened too fast and too sharp. After nearly…

Robin (Germ cell tumor): Companion in life and beyond.

About 2 months before our scheduled marriage date, Robin was diagnosed with germ cell tumor. We were taken…

Rana Sarika (Carcinoma): “You need to trust in something”

Gradually, my treatment unfolded upon me that life is something beyond grieving on lost, unfulfilled dreams and…

Jay Gosar (Cancer Caregiver): “The experience was life-changing”

My grandfather was 76 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. The first signs were his reduced weight…

Dashrat Singh (Oral cancer): “My father will always be my hero!”

The hospital recommended that we complete 30 radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions, but my father was only able to…

S K Rout (Caregiver): “Juggling love, care, and time.”

None of us had expected this relapse, and we were taken aback by the sudden development. My wife’s immunity had…

Jayant Dedhia (Caregiver): “A healthy diet saved my family.”

My brother and father have already been cancer fighters. So, my wife was well aware of a cancer pain

Priya Dave (Caregiver): “We still believe in magic.”

It all started when she felt she had a bloated stomach and felt extremely uncomfortable. Initially, we dismissed it

Shyamala Datar (Caregiver): “Your perspective is everything”

Several people have asked us if she opted for an alternative treatment method. So to begin with, she entirely relied on me…

Shweta (Blood Cancer): “Shores of healing in our ship of hope.”

The thing with blood cancer is that it does not have stages like the other cancer types because no particular…

Yashwant Keni (Breast Cancer): “Cancer treatment is possible”

We did not opt for an alternative treatment because we trusted the doctors thoroughly. Since it was the early stage, the ball was

Tangvi (Breast Cancer): “Help comes in unexpected ways.”

She is a strong lady who fought bravely and showed us that anything is possible with courage. It was a tough time when she

Manisha Yadav (Breast Cancer): “Be your own support!”

Supportive work colleagues and associates who encouraged me to take a six month’s break from work and return with renewed

Jinal Shah (Bladder cancer): “Papa will always be our superman!”

He experienced unbearable pain after a month and collapsed when the ambulance came home to take him…

Srimukhi Iyer (Ovarian Cancer): “All I need is mother & belief.”

In both my mother and my cases, chemotherapy was more of a preventive measure than a cure for us….

Vikas (Brain Cancer): “How I became the village hero!”

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was engaged to my lady love. But the lack of awareness…

Dr Gauri Bhatnagar (Breast Cancer): “Remember me as a striver.”

My surgery took place on 1st January 2015, and I underwent 28 cycles of radiotherapy and 8 sessions of chemotherapy…

Kunal Sankhlecha (Breast cancer): “It was a rollercoaster ride.”

It was after that, when she went for chemotherapy but didn’t feel any improvement. On the contrary, she was feeling…

Steffi Mac (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia): “My battle to glory”.

Along with my bone marrow surgery, my cancer treatment demanded chemotherapy and radiation. The side effects were…

Prateek (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): “The battle is very personal”

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. According to textbook definitions, stage 4 cancer refers to…

Bhupendra Tripathi (Non-hodgkin lymphoma): “Full-time fighter.”

Tests revealed that I had multiple tumors in my spine and a set of two damaged vertebrae. That had caused severe paralysis..

Praveen & Vrinda (Leukemia): “Fighting destiny with hope.”

My husband was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September 2011. He initially experienced sudden…

Venkata (Skin Cancer): Brighter tomorrow for a healthy life

Hello All, I am Venkat (Age 34) from India working as a Software Engineer with the big Blue. 8 month ago, started seeing…

Neha Goswami (Brain Cancer): “My mother is a fighter”

Create beautiful memories they will act as an anchor to keep you from being swept away, when hit by the storms of life…

Vishal Joshi (Colorectal Cancer): “Stay strong it’s a long way to go”

My father had been prescribed an ultrasound when his body had first shown symptoms of the ailment, it had been diagnosed

Abhishek & Pooja (Breast Cancer): “Incredibly resilient and a fighter”

Seven years back, I lost my best friend Akanksha to acute-leukemia. It was heart-wrenching, but she went down fighting

Shruti (Lung cancer): “Everything depends upon your will power”

When he underwent a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan, it was found that he had been affected by cancer.

Madhu Khanna (Breast cancer): “The power of will.”

Her demise also taught me to the value of a life, my experiences with her during made me see Cancer from…

Niati (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma): “Concentrate on your recovery.”

A major problem which I noticed about our system of treatment was that there is no amalgamation of different

Pramod Sharma (Blood cancer): “Her jolly spirit kept her alive”

Be kind and compassionate towards others tell everyone to believe in the power of not giving up and always face life…

Nikita Khanna (Mouth cancer): “Music is the language of spirit”

There were quite a few things that were therapeutic for her during the treatment. My mother used to do Yoga and she wanted

Kokila (Breast cancer): “Hang in there, this too shall pass”

But the operation obviously was not the end of the road for me, I had to undergo about 25 cycles of radiation. Radiation is…

Pratima Shah (Breast cancer): “I decided to toughen up.”

My approach to chemo has surprised many people, as I treat it like injections for a common flu…

Pratyusha (Prostate cancer): “Give as much love as we can.”

His chemotherapy days were not smooth, but he’d still put up a brave front. He even went to gathering of cancer patients…

Neeti Walavalkar (Breast cancer): “Communication is everything.”

My sisters and I were devastated; we knew that if we told Mumma about cancer relapse, she would be broken. So we didn’t tell her…

Nisha (Breast cancer): “Cancer changed my life for the better”

After a bunch of tests, doctors told that I have cancer and have to go through chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Mehul Doshi: “We serve God by serving others”

This story is of Mehul Doshi. An Angel in human form, Mehul is a resident of Mumbai and he has been going to Tata Medical…

Suvendu Das (Colon cancer): “Fourth Stage of Inspiration”

When Subhendu saw Dimple not only motivating but also performing healing practices like meditation, exercising, walking..

Suman (Blood Cancer): “My second innings is beautiful”

Suman says that his fight is something worth sharing. He says that it is all about the second chance.

Devansh (Blood cancer): “Defeating Cancer with Love”

Story of Devansh, a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with blood cancer. Fortunately, it was detected at an early stage, but..

Deepa (Breast Cancer): “Cancer has forced me to focus on self-care.”

Unfortunately, Cancer knocked on her door once again. However this time she was ready and pumped with motivation. Looking at..

Srishti (Ewing’s Sarcoma): “The only option is not to give up”

She gave strength to me, our family with a reassuring smile on her face through all the pain which she rarely chose to share…

Dimple & Nitesh (Colorectal Cancer): “Healing is different from curing.”

Dimple Parmar & Nitesh Prajapat were two people in love, Nitesh was battling through the last stage of colorectal cancer.

Sharmila Date (Cervical Cancer): “Don’t slip into self-pity mode.”

Early last year when I had this throbbing pain in my lower abdomen, I thought it would go away with some pain killers…

Manmohan Taneja (Head & Neck Cancer): “Live life everyday.”

I recently heard of a very millennial term called YOLO, someone told me it means you only live once. I tweaked this to

Pankaj Mathur (Sarcoma): “Saw hope in family’s eyes”

The doctors told me that I most likely had soft tissue sarcoma and that the swelling on my calf was a major symptom of that.

Rahul & Monika (Lung cancer): “Cancer chose the wrong person”

In 2016, my wife and I had completed almost 4 years of our marriage and we had a two and half year old daughter. We both…

Ripunanda (Breast Cancer): “Making our health a priority.”

It was November 2016, my father-in-law had suffered a stroke and everyone in the family was worried about him. Around …

Monica Goel (Colon cancer): “Colonoscopy saved my life”

Devastated, my husband and I traveled back home, but I was determined to get help and that’s when we found Dr. Piyush Gupta

Monica Gulati (Bladder Cancer): “How cancer taught me to live”

I had finished a Ph.D. in NeuroImmunology from the University of Zurich in 2009. For some reason, I decided to…

Pooja Smita (Adenocarcinoma Cancer): “Be like a river”

I was diagnosed with Inoperable Aggressive Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma, stage 3 on Oct 26, 2018. With 4 more …

Rohini Patil (Breast cancer): “I had someone special to live for”

I started working with all sections of society through awareness presentations and free mammography and Pap smears.

Jimit Gandhi (Blood cancer): “It’s all for a while. You’re a strong boy.”

Everything was going fine, my body was responding to the medications and everything was seeming to get back to normalcy.