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Healing Circle Talks

2020-11-08 / 17:00 - 18:15 IST Pranab Basu, Cancer Caregiver

Pranab Basu is a cancer volunteer who was introduced to cancer while being a caregiver to his wife, who was suffering from Colon Cancer. After losing his wife to cancer, Pranab Basu joined the Eastern India Palliative Care Kolkata and has been associated with other organizations working in cancer care such as Pallium India, Caregiver Saathi, and Patients Engage. He has completed the course on Palliative Care and is an active volunteer in Palliative Care services. Pranab Basu joins us on this weekв"s Healing Circle Talks to talk on the topic в"Counseling and Caregiving with compassion, empathy, and LOVE– part of Palliative Care Service.в" Missed the event? Watch it here: