Pratibha Jain (Osteosarcoma): Enjoy The Present

Osteosarcoma Diagnosis

Back in 2012, I started having a Pain in my left leg, so I thought to get it checked. MRI scan revealed that it’s a tumor, and I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Of course, the news shocked me, but it didn’t affect me much because of my cousins and family’s support.

Osteosarcoma Treatment

I reside in Delhi, but I took my treatment from Mumbai. I underwent nine Chemotherapy sessions and a Surgery in which my bones were replaced. A part of my thigh bone was replaced with an implant, and I have a metal rod in a part of my femur bone. Along with the Osteosarcoma treatment, I also took turmeric capsules to improve my immunity.

Luckily for me, the Osteosarcoma was detected at a very primary stage, so I got cured in just five months.

The medicines were too strong, and therefore the side effects were also aggressive. I lost my hair, my taste buds, and was puking for around 20-25 days a month. Even now, I can’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, which I used to eat during that time because whenever I eat now, I start puking.

It was quite a difficult phase for me because all my friends were growing and getting jobs, while I was on my bed thinking about my life. But I managed through everything with the support of my friends and family.

Conversation with Osteosarcoma winner Pratibha Jain
Conversation with Osteosarcoma winner Pratibha Jain

Support System

My family and doctors supported me a lot. I have seen so many ups and downs; one day, I will be happy, but I’ll be sad the next day due to my reports or test results. But everyone was very supportive and very motivating, and that’s why I was able to get through all the treatment very easily. It didn’t feel like I was going through cancer, and it was solely due to their support.

I hadn’t met any cancer patients before my treatment. Cancer was something new for my family and me. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was in the last semester of my MBA. I was very ambitious about my career, so I gained motivation by thinking about how I could start a job and get settled in my life as soon as I defeated Osteosarcoma. Gradually my doctor let me meet other cancer patients who had survived cancer and were treated 20-25 years back, and that used to inspire me that if they can do this, I can too.

Life after Cancer

Life after cancer has changed drastically. Going through Cancer Treatment is a hurdle for every patient, but after your treatment gets over and you return to your normal life, you will see that everything has changed for the better.

Psychologically, I started thinking about my life in a different way. I understand that whatever happened is past, and I have the whole future in front of me.

My mindset has now completely changed. Earlier I used to have doubts, but now I am very clear about everything, especially my life. I got much closer to my parents and my family. I just try to enjoy ‘today’ as much as possible and don’t think much about the future.

My life is now going on amazingly well. I am currently working with a good organization, and personally, too, I am growing.

Parting Message

Please don’t lose hope. Stay motivated because this is the only thing that can help you get through the treatment easily. People will motivate you in every other way, but self-motivation will help you most. The treatment is long and aggressive, but it’s essential not to panic. Listen to your doctors and trust them. I think that is the most important thing because they are the only ones who will give you back your life.

Key Points from Pratibha Jain’s Healing Journey


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