Meena Sharma (Ovarian Cancer): Have strong willpower

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

It all started with problems like acidity and high body temperature, but it was occasional at first. The difficulties used to be there only for one or two days, and then I used to be normal again. Initially, it happened in the time gap of a month, but slowly I could feel that its frequency was increasing. My daughter was a dietician in Jaipur Golden Hospital, so I told her to talk to a gynecologist about my problem so that I could get some treatment.

The gynecologist asked me for some tests, and all the reports came normal then. As we could not get to the exact diagnosis, she asked me to undergo an Ultrasound scan. I got my Ultrasound done, and the doctors started having some doubts on seeing the reports. They asked me for CA- 125 and then an MRI scan. I was then diagnosed with stage one Ovarian Cancer.

I never thought that I could get cancer; I was absolutely fine and had a very normal routine. My husband and daughters were very disturbed by this news, and I used to get upset seeing them disturbed, but somehow we all gathered strength and decided to fight with it.

Ovarian Cancer Treatment

I underwent Surgery and six Chemotherapy cycles. I also took Homeopathy treatment, which helped me a lot. I had significant problems during my Chemotherapy sessions, and the days after my Chemotherapy were very challenging. I used to feel like eating something, but I couldn’t sometimes eat because of the ulcers in the mouth and sometimes because of Vomiting. I could not even speak at that time, and it used to happen for ten days.

My younger daughter left her job and took care of me. As my daughter is a dietician, she made many changes in my diet, took care of me, and helped me a lot in giving me a healthy diet.

I found some amazing doctors; the anesthesiologist was our neighbor, and my daughter was from pharma-medical, and maybe that’s why my Ovarian Cancer Treatment went quite smoothly. It is with God’s grace that I am fine now. I now counsel people and give them my example that if I can come out of it, then they can too. Many people go on the wrong path during the initial stages of their diagnosis, so I guide cancer patients in choosing the better path.

I am happy and very social now. I have friends in my society, and I keep myself busy doing something or the other.

Conversation with Breast Cancer winner Meena Sharma
Conversation with Breast Cancer winner Meena Sharma

Positivity all Around

My family was my motivation, and it was with God’s Grace and my willpower that I came out of it. I never felt that I have cancer, or I would not come out. I always wanted to come through for my daughters.

We have a very small family, and I wanted to see my family happy, which was why I always stood very strong. My neighbors too were very good and supported me a lot. I feel that everyone’s blessings were with me.

Even the doctors were very supportive; one of my doctors said that “touchwood, you have a good recovery. She was so happy with me. My anesthesiologist told her wife about me that “She has a very strong willpower. She handled everything and supported me throughout the Surgery.

I used to see the Commonwealth Games with my family, which I enjoyed a lot. We stood together as a family and fought everything.

Parting Message

Have strong willpower, and everything will be good in the end. Your willpower will help you come out of it. Don’t give up and keep fighting for your family. Have faith in God.


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