What is a second opinion in cancer treatment?


A second opinion, by definition, means, “Seeking advice from a different expert (oncologist) to make sure advice from the first such expert is correct”. Second opinion is a patient’s method of finding an alternative review of his or her condition and care plan by another, or by a few other qualified doctors to confirm the condition and validate their care.

Why should you go for Second Opinion:


Since there are more than 100 types of cancer and oncologists individually specialize in only a few, it is important to talk to the right oncologist who specializes in your cancer type. In this regard, we help you with:


  • Guiding you to the right oncologist to meet / talk based on your cancer type
  • Coordinating with hospital and oncologist so that you can focus on the treatment
  • After the consultation, we help you in resolving your queries

Fee of Second opinion:


The fee of availing a second opinion is much similar to the fee of initial oncologist consultation. The price ranges from INR 800 to INR 3000, depending on the oncologists.

Your next steps:


  • The best way to learn about how we can help you at ZenOnco.io is to call a Patient Care Manager (PCM) at +91 99 30 70 90 00.
  • To read about second opinion in detail please click here.