What are Medical Loans?

Medical Loans for cancer patient

What are Medical Loans?


A medical loan can be used for multiple emergency purposes such as an operation, surgery, procedure, therapy and so on. A medical loan falls under the unsecured category of personal loans. There are multiple banks like ICICI, HDFC etc and other financial institutions which offer medical loans. The interest rate for a medical loan is dependent on multiple parameters such as the company you work for, your salary bracket, the city you are present in and so on.


For a majority of individuals, it is lack of insurance or being under-insured under the employer-paid health policy that has them seeking help from unconventional channels. Most banks offer medical loans under the bracket of personal loans. You can check and compare the interest rates, eligibility and more details, across all banks, with respect to medical loans here on this page.


Below are two ways of availing EMI payments – Take a loan directly from a bank OR Negotiate a payment plan with your hospital


  • You can take a personal loan, subject to your credit history. Usually for medical purposes, you can take a loan with an interest of 11-35% depending on the conditions of the loan.
  • While loans are one way to borrow money, you can also negotiate a payment plan with your hospital. Most hospitals are open to this. They will work out EMI payment options to pay for your treatment.
  • Some hospitals such as Aster hospital have an Aster finance Service arm that facilitates medical loans for treatments. You must ask your hospital if there are such facilities. They generally work with a bank(s) to enable part payments for the bill value.

How can we help?


  • At ZenOnco.io we can help you find a medical loan provider according to your requirements. We can also help you apply for the loan by guiding you with the documents required.  
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