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Financial Assistance guidance on Call


The cost of health care in the country is a deterrent for many, and for those hailing from economically weak backgrounds, it is almost beyond reach, especially if the treatment warrants hospitalisation, surgery or expensive treatments.


Health insurance often does not cover heart ailments, cochlear implants and kidney diseases. Moreover, even for the conditions that they do cover, several insurers have set a ceiling on the expenses related to patient bed charges, cost of surgery, doctor’s fees, and this may not cover the entire cost of the treatment.


For most families, a medical emergency can drain their financial, mental and physical strengths, leaving them helpless and despondent. Often, families push themselves into debt by borrowing money.


To address these challenges, the have been extending guidance on medical grants to individual needy patients requiring specific medical treatment. Several government schemes are providing financial assistance to patients in need, for care in various hospitals throughout the country. Many non-profit organisations provide financial assistance for cancer treatment.  Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies run patient assistance programs where they provide financial support to cancer patients in need. After due scrutiny and a socio-economic assessment of the family, the organisations disburse grants based on the funds available. The organisations liaise with like-minded philanthropic organisations and government bodies in order to maximise the quantum of grant to each beneficiary.


We, at, are here to support you with financial needs for your cancer treatment.


  • Help you find financial assistance according to your requirements.
  • Help you apply for the assistance by guiding you with the documents required.


The best way to learn about how we can help you at is to call a Patient Care Manager (PCM) at +91 99 30 70 90 00.