Energy therapy also known as biofield therapy.

Energy therapy for cancer patients

Energy therapies


Energy therapy is also known as biofield therapy. We are based on the belief that there are energy fields which flow through your body and around it. You have good mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, as energy flows freely into your body. If you are sick the flow of energy is stopped.


The most common types of energy therapy are:


  • Reiki has the most spiritual focus of all of the energy therapies. Reiki practitioners believe that channelling spiritual energy through their hands can help in healing.
  • Therapeutic touch practitioners move their hands just above the body to find the blockages, remove the harmful energy and replace it with their own healthy energy.
  • Healing touch uses gentle touch on the body to help it heal its own energy fields.
  • Magnetic healing therapy uses magnets placed on different parts of the body. Practitioners believe these magnets help unblock the energy flow around the body.


In an energy therapy session, you are fully clothed. You may sit or lie down on a massage table or bed. An energy therapist uses gentle pressure or places hands in or through your energy fields to change, move or unblock the energy flow in your body. Sometimes they touch you or they may move their hands just above your body. Most sessions are 45–60 minutes long.


Energy therapy as a complementary therapy


There is no evidence at this time that energy therapies can treat cancer itself. They have mainly been used to try to ease symptoms of cancer or side effects of treatment such as anxiety, fatigue, pain, nausea or vomiting. Some studies show that people feel that energy therapy treatment improves their quality of life. Many people say that they feel very relaxed, calm and peaceful after an energy therapy session.


Some studies suggest that energy therapies work because the person experiences the focused and caring presence of the practitioner, rather than a change in energy flow. More research is needed to understand the role of energy therapies as a complementary therapy.


How we can help?


  • Healing Therapies are like mediation, hypnosis, or reflexology, which works evidently in managing physical and mental side effects of cancer treatment as well as improving quality of life.
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