Anti Cancer Life Style


Anti Cancer Life Style, We can all make our bodies tougher targets for cancer through the choices we make in our lives.


Most people starting this health journey should note a difference in a few weeks time. Recent findings indicate that healthy habits begin to boost mood and well-being after two to four months, and can affect cancer statistics within one to two years. What I have found in my own journey is that the best way to live is to nourish life at all levels of my being: through my meals, my walks in nature, the meaning of my job, the flow of love in my relationships, and the preservation of our world. Research has taught me this slows down cancer, and even more importantly it brings a new light and a new purpose to my life every day.


Through improving our immune system, decreasing inflammation and decreasing the growth of new blood vessels, we are helping to build an anti cancer life style environment. And work is gradually showing the lifesaving impact. For example, a team at Ohio State University studied women with breast cancer who have all undergone surgery and traditional care. Some engaged in an interactive program focused on healthy nutrition, more exercise, and easy reduction of stress such as “progressive relaxation,” in which participants lie down and loosen their muscles consciously. Those who learned how to improve their lifestyle during the 11-year study were half as likely to die from their cancer as those who did not. This work shows that lifestyle decisions can change the capacity of the body to withstand cancer.


The reality that only 5–10 per cent of all cancer cases are caused by genetic mutations and that the remaining 90–95 per cent are caused by the climate and lifestyle offers major opportunities for cancer prevention. Nearly 90 per cent of patients diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers of tobacco, and cigarette smoking in combination with alcohol consumption can contribute synergistically to tumorigenesis. Similarly, smokeless tobacco is responsible for 400,000 cases of oral cancer worldwide (4 per cent of all cancers). And avoiding tobacco products and reducing alcohol intake will likely have a significant impact on the incidence of cancer.


Diet, obesity, and metabolic syndrome are very much linked to various cancers and may account for as much as 30–35% of cancer deaths, indicating that a reasonably good fraction of cancer deaths can be prevented by modifying the diet. Extensive research has revealed that a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, spices, and grains has the potential to prevent cancer. The specific substances in these dietary foods that are responsible for preventing cancer and the mechanisms by which they achieve this have also been examined extensively. Various phytochemicals have been identified in fruits, vegetables, spices, and grains that exhibit chemopreventive potential, and numerous studies have shown that a proper diet can help protect against cancer.


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